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Four Color Theorem

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To help encourage children to explore the world around them, the North Central STEM Region created a STEM Bingo Challenge Board containing simple activities requiring few household materials and designed to inspire kids all summer long! Download your copy here:

STEM Bingo Challenge Card:

STEM Bingo Challenge

STEM Challenges Featured in our Newsletters

Chromatography Butterfly

Chromatography Butterfly

Dancing Rice

Exploring Fall Foliage

North Central Region Camp Opportunities

Design Camp and other summer programs with ISU Extension and Outreach: Story County
The College of Design at Iowa State University offers an immersive, on-campus experience that provide youth with a sense of what it is like to be a student in the college.

Go Further Girls STEM Conference 
Go Further Girls STEM Conference is a one-day conference on the Iowa State campus for middle school and high school girls to learn about STEM fields and how to infuse their passions within a career.

NIACC Summer Camps

STEM Teachable Moment


In response to the sudden shift from classroom learning to at home learning, the STEM Council has launched Teachable Moment - a collection of lessons and activities that are right at your fingertips and easy to implement at home. Students, parents and educators will find free access to resources from STEM Scale-Up Program providers, direct links to our Pinterest boards and some of our favorite pinned activities, lessons from partners and much more.

Check out Teachable Moment today at STEM Council Teachable Moment | Iowa STEM Home | Iowa Governor's STEM Advisory Council