Advisory Board

The North Central Iowa's Regional STEM Advisory Board and the Regional Manager, Kelly Bergman, collaborate to identify, grow and create STEM programs that strengthen the North Central STEM region.  The Advisory Board is made up of business leaders, educators, Extension personnel, school board members, community college and university members.

2021-22 Advisory Board


North Central STEM Region Advisory Board

Name Hub Board Position City Term Ending
Jared Brown Business/Industry Ankeny 6/30/2024
Lindsey Falk School Board Member St. Ansgar 6/30/2024
Ashley Flatebo K-12 Student/Parent Garner 6/30/2022
Teresa Green Teacher/Professor Boone 6/30/2024
Allyson Krull Economic Development / Chamber of Commerce Mason City 6/30/2024
Sara Nelson Public University Ames 6/30/2024
Todd Oesterle Workforce Development  Mason City 6/30/2024
Michael Pedersen Hub Institution Rep Ames 6/30/2023
Kathy Rogotzke Community College Charles City 6/30/2022
Sarah Rosenblum Nonprofit/Informal Learning Centers Marshalltown 6/30/2022
Kay Schmalen Area Education Agency Clear Lake 6/30/2023
Matthew Stephan Business/Industry Fort Dodge 6/30/2022
Anne Tedore ISU Extension and Outreach Marshalltown 6/30/2024
Yen Verhoven STEM Teacher Ames 6/30/2024
David Zrostlik Business/Industry Garner 6/30/2024