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January 11, 2021

The Iowa Governor’s STEM Advisory Council will accept applications for the STEM Scale-Up  Program beginning January 11, 2021. The program provides STEM educational opportunities to approximately one-fifth  of Iowa students each year, bringing some of the nation’s best STEM lessons, labs, kits, software and professional  development to PreK-12 students and educators in-school, afterschool and other educational settings, especially  targeting those most in need. The application period for the STEM Scale-Up Program closes on March 5, 2021. 

What is STEM

STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

The Iowa STEM Advisory Council was created to increase interest and achievement in these key areas. In order for Iowa students to complete in a global economy and make smart, socially-responsible decisions, Iowa graduates need a solid STEM education. In addition, it is vital to Iowa’s economy and quality of life.

The Council unites educators, students, businesses, legislators, nonprofits, and communities in an effort to improve STEM opportunities and awareness. The NC STEM Region is just one of six around the state. Our efforts fall into three main categories: 1) provide programming and support for K-12 teachers, 2) host community-wide STEM festivals and events, and 3) seek out opportunities to offer STEM to diverse communities around the region.

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